Drainage Service: About Us

Drainage Service: About Us

Drainage Service: About Us

Starting Point

Drainage Service: About Us Hi Guys My Name Is James Who is The Founder Of Rainbow Drainage. He Has Ten Years In Drain Experience and five years In plumbing.

He Was A School Drop-out With ADHD And Was Undiagnosed He Could Not Sit Still In School. Could Not Concentrate etc. When He Was 19 He Started To Become Interested In Law By Watching Youtube Videos. By 23 And Learning Law In University And Graduated Shortly After. He Was Also Working In Drains.

He did Some Legal Work And Found That he Was Best Suited To Drain And so Created Rainbow. Which is Best Described As Successful, Because There Is Nothing Better Than Someone With A Big Smile On Their Face With The Thoughts Of Knowing They Can Use Their Toilets Again.


We Would love to hear from you and your stories so please send us an email. We contract with anyone if anyone wishes to use our drainage services. It can be difficult to find a reliable drainage company. Which Is Why we have created This company. To help those in need of good services when requested. See you soon and good day my friends!

Useful links: www.rainbowdrainage.com


Note If You Have A Blockage In Your Home Or Office Do Not Wait Call Us Now On 07754856275 For Advice. An Engineer Will Assess The Situation And provide You With A Quotation

Drainage Service: About Us

Drainage Service: About Us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.


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