Blockage In Your Home Or Office

Excellent Plumbing Strategies When Dealing With Foul Waste Blockages

First Scenario: For A Blockage In The Sink

Blockage In Your Home Or Office; You see that you have a Blocked Sink. What do you do? Try using some warm water and a plunger to Declog Sink, if this doesn’t work. It may be best to call the Local Plumber. If a pipe is leaking do not make attempts to touch it as it may cause a worse reaction.

Second Scenario: Blocked Drains; A Blocked Maintenance Hole

So you are walking out of your house or office and notice that you have a drain pipe blockage and need to declog drain. You can buy some Drain Declogging chemical from a Local Store. If you think it might be to much to lift the Maintenance Hole then it might be best to call A Drainage Company.

Third Scenario: A Blocked Gully

If you have an Overflowing Gully You can try to put a hose down it but be careful as this can cause more damage to Blocked Drain Pipes. If you call Rainbow Drainage, we my be able to help you.

We May Be Able to Help You

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